Episode 21: Z E R O C R E D I T ( S ) / ゼロクレジット( S )

Not all is as it seems in the Pacific Northeastern town of Zero Credit(s). When is it too late to “get into” something? What does it mean to “be into” something? Well, you’re into this podcast and we’re into talking about our lives, the nature of offense, and hotdog throwing. Join us this week as we discuss hollow-eyed EMTs, John Goodman, the state of Tom Sizemore, and the robots that may or may not be taking our fictional superhero jobs. BRX FDQQRW WUXVW KHQUB. KHQUB LV WKH HQHPB.

Link: Episode 21: Z E R O C R E D I T ( S ) / ゼロクレジット( S )

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