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Episode 198: TERF Wars

If you’re looking for something other than JK Rowling discussion, I guess you could like watch Bloodshot in preparation for next week. Cause this week, it’s all JK Rowling stuff surrounding the release of her new book that she publishes under a man’s name, but we still all know it’s her. I thought the point of a nom de plume was to be anonymous, not known to be the other person. Why keep up the charade if everyone knows it’s you? I don’t get it, but then again, I’m just an intern here at Zero Credit(s) and am no way either Henry or John. That would be silly if they lied about having an intern but then did all the work themselves anyway. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Episode 197: Boperade AKA John Loves When the Titanic Sinks

Management here. Henry’s going through some things, such as screaming alone in a room. Because of this, he did not do the following: tell the intern to right a description of the episode, come into the office all week, shower, create an episode title. As such we, Management, have taken over these duties. Please enjoy our perfect attempt at nailing the Zero Credit(s) brand:

John hates the Titanic.



Boat Parade
Nick Lutsko


Episode 196: The Radicalization of Jim Gaffigan

America’s Catholic Father (not that kind) has entered the chat on twitter and the boy(s) are abuzz with excitement. Also, is there a new cinematic universe on the horizon? What this means and more on this episode of Zero Credit(s).


How do you like these shorter descriptions? Are they good? You like them?