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Episode 112: Frightentimes 2: Part 3: Mass Rituals





Shadowlands 2 – Bridge, Welcome to HorrorLand
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Episode 111: Frightentimes 2: Part 2: Brought to You by the Dark Entry Forest Association

Week 2 of the Frightentimes is here /
The end of all things is near /

What awaits us at the end /
of life and death /
of foe and friend /

Urban legends get just a bit creepier this week as we dive into Dudley Town, the Georgia Guidestones, and The Death Comet.

Episode 110: Frightentimes 2: Part I: A Perfectly Normal Episode

Darkness. Deeper and deeper. In the dream you can never close your eyes, you always have to see it. Everything you’ve done thus far has lead to this, regrettably. You knew it was out there, you had the opportunity to do something, but you always shut your eyes to the only truth. The long-fingered hands followed your shadows and nerves from every room, backwards up the stairs. You knew that all you had to do was look, but you didn’t want to admit you were choosing the illusion. All of your friends were in on it, they had all seen us, and they were playing with you. Our wages echo in the weight of your false innocence, and now you’re home. You spent your life reading the lines, never between them, and now we’re going to show you the real music. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.



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Episode 109: Bonebone & Peachode

We’re back to normal, folks, in this the first of many perfectly normal episodes, I, the description writer Clara, do declare. The boys have a lot of catching up to do, Zeitgeist-wise, but not a lot of time due to budgeting errors and overlong coverage of America’s favorite movie series of the past 8 weeks. So it’s a shorter episode and we hope you forgive us. Video games are a-buzzing as the internet adapts one of their time-honored traditions of turning everything into sexier versions of itself to the time-honored Nintendo franchise of Mario. Yes, Bowsette is here to ruin the art of the internet and only Mario can stop it, much to Peach’s chagrin. Also we get political. A tiny bit. Like a small amount. A mushroom shaped amount. The boys then swing into Spider-Man (DON’T FORGET THAT HYPHEN. -John) as Marvel, Sony, and Insomniac combined forces to deliver one of the most fun video games of the current year. And then time’s up. Watch out! Here comes the Zero Credit(s) podcast, now on Spotify!

Man, how time flies. In a month, I will have been here for exactly one year. Crazy crazy times. Well, see you next week!

Supplemental Reading: Fate of the Furious

In 2017, a series had a vision. To bring an end to everything it had been building for the past 16 years. That series was the Fast and Furious Cinematic Universe and this is that end. With a new director in F. Gary Gray and the same ole Chris Morgan blood pumping through its veins, this movie sought to be what no other FFCU movie could be. Somewhat decent. We’ve seen the highs, the lows, and the lower lows, but for the first time we experience the upper middle. Characters emote more than they ever have before. Enemies become quipping, babysitting friends. And Roman fulfills his destiny. All of these moments and more, we discuss in this Supplemental Reading as we bid the FFCU adieu.

Until next time, friends. See you in 2019.


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Supplemental Reading: Furious 7

In 2015, Justin Lin had a dream, to direct other movies. So another man stepped up to fill the void he left. That man was James Wan. Famed director of the Saw series and The Conjuring. A veteran of horror movies joined the FFCU to create a monster of a movie with a plot so convoluted, you might as well saw off your foot to get free from it. All your favorite names appear in the opening credits, just to get cameo treatments as this movie has little to do with them. Oh and don’t even get me started on the camera work, the lack of finesse in cutting between cuts, and the overall botched dialogue. Look, it’s a rough ride. But there are some redeeming qualities. I won’t spoil them here. Or anywhere else. Just listen and watch or watch and listen. You’ll see/hear for yourself.


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Supplemental Reading: Furious 6/Fast 6/ Fast and Furious 6

In 2013, a man had a dream vision while being struck by the lightning bolt of inspiration: To make a movie with three titles and to use them interchangeably in various forms of marketing and representation of the film.  That man was Justin Lin and this film is his last (in this franchise). And if the confusing title is any indication, the plot is just as confusing. What’s not confusing, is how much family means to Dom Toretto. And it means everything. If Dom would have to work for the government to take down an evil Crew of equal, if not greater, skill just to get a chance at winning back Letty Ortiz (who has lost her memory) and reuniting the family once again, he’d probably do it. Now if you’re a man like Shaw, the leader of the evil Crew, you might just do everything in your power to have the most confusing motivations, actions, plans, and schemes as possible, just because villains are hard. But hey, all your favorite characters are back and introduced in the title sequence to cut down any chance of surprise and joy you may have had.

Anyway, our feelings about this movie might be transparent, but the plot of this 3 hour headache sure isn’t.


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Supplemental Reading: Fast Five

In 2011, a man had a dream. A dream to create the best action/car/heist movie of all time set in Brazil, using an already established franchise and characters people already knew. Unfortunately, Hannah Barbara would not give up the rights to Speed Buggy, so Justin Lin had to fall back to The Fast and Furious Franchise instead. For fun, he brought along Chris Morgan, writer of the previous film, for a lark and knocked the entire movie out of the park. It’s all here. Everyone you’ve ever loved. All the cars you kind of tolerate. And even new friends and foes in the form of Dwanye Johnson, aka the only thing missing from the previous movies. Buckle everything up. It’s five types of fast and it’s all for you.


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Supplemental Reading: Fast and Furious

It’s 2009. Every movie around us is dark, gritty, serious with heroes facing real problems and true conflict. Justin Lin is back to rework a movie franchise that didn’t know where it was going. His vision? Drop. The. “The”s. That’s right. The FFCU is back and it’s more streamlined than ever. Forget Sean Boswell, we’re going back to AMERICA this time around cause a whole lot of characters we haven’t seen in near a decade are coming back with a vengeance. Remember Brian O’Conner? How could you? But Dom’s back with his crew and it’s all fun in the sun until SOMEONE GETS MURDERED. We can’t reveal who because that’s kind of the driving force (ha) of the entire movie but odds are it isn’t Brian O’Conner, because WE FORGOT HE EXISTED. Are these random caps doing anything for you? No? Well BUCKLE UP, CHUCKLE HUTS, cause it’s to get FAST and FURIOUS up in this MOVIE HOUSE slash PODCAST.

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Supplemental Reading: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

In the gone-by year of 2006, famed director Justin Lin was a virtually unknown, untested director with nothing but a name and a dream. A dream to unite the passion of American and German film while exploring the third, unrelated culture of Japan through the eyes of a piece of wood masquerading as a person. Justin Lin set out to see this dream become a reality and to answer a question. What happens when the stakes are raised so high, you have to leave the country? To answer this question, he made a movie. He cast a piece of wood as the lead and taught that piece of wood to turn, wait for it, in a car. Whereas America is known for its wide open roads with no turns whatsoever, Japan has to practice a discipline known as the economy of space by inventing the turn. And the Japanese people have been turning for centuries, if not eons. So what happens when we take an American piece of wood, stick it behind a tricked out super car, and put it on the world famous Japanese turning roads?