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Episodes dedicated to the entirety of a work, like a whole television show, movie, or book. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Supplemental Reading: Gravity Falls (ft. Michael)

Special guest Michael joins us for a rousing fanboy-fueled talk for paranormal cartoon thriller Gravity Falls in what might be our lightest Supplemental Reading yet. Come listen to us 75% gush, 25% critique this seemingly benign kid’s show that’s chalk full of continuity-themed goodies. If you haven’t finished watching the show, you shouldn’t listen to this episode, cause this is a land full of spoilers. We might revisit the series at a later date to really dive into the concepts and ideas of the show, but for now, just enjoy us enjoying this show. Because it is good and you should watch it if you haven’t already. UIFSF JT B EFNPO BNPOH VT BOE IJT OBNF JT NJDIBFM.

Gravity Falls Main Title Theme by Brad Breeck
-Lyrics by Henry

Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things

**This video contains spoilers for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things**

In the distant year of 1983, a podcast disappeared and a small town in Indiana? the continental Midwest worked tirelessly to investigate what exactly a podcast was and if they should care that it disappeared. That podcast was us, (you know, Zero Credit(s)) and we’ve just made it back from a dark, empty place where figures moved in the distance. We’re ready to tell all about our experiences there, where there was a television and an internet connection, allowing us to watch the Netflix series Stranger Things. We’ve promoted it on our Twitter and even emailed ourselves about it, so let’s buckle up, throw on a wig, and get down to business with some bear traps: This is Stranger Things. 

Link: Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things

Featuring music by A Drop A Day. Find his music here.

Supplemental Reading: Cappy Amiracle Civie War


This week, Zero Credits brings you something special in the way of a supplemental reading dedicated to Captain America Civil War, the movie that came out like a month ago. Enjoy our long talks and short walks through the harrowing adventure/espionage thriller that is this movie. We talk about all of your favorite heroes, including Cappy Amiracle, Black Window, A Guy With a Bow, Paul Rudd, and Bucky. You’ve heard the critics praise this movie to no end. Now listen to us do roughly the same thing for ~50 minutes.

Link: Supplemental Reading: Cappy Amiracle Civie War

Supplemental Reading: Over the Garden Wall

In this supplemental reading discussion of Over the Garden Wall, Patrick McHale’s mind-baby miniseries on Cartoon Network, Henry and John discuss the importance ins and outs of the magical world of the series and all the good things they liked. This devolves into a larger discussion of magic realism pieces as a whole, featuring such great authors as Gabriel Garcia Marquez,  Haruki Murakami, Italo Calvino, among others.

For further reading, read any work by the above names, along with Gabriel Marquez’s interview in the Paris Review.  

Link: Supplemental Reading: Over the Garden Wall