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Episodes dedicated to the entirety of a work, like a whole television show, movie, or book. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Supplemental Reading: Black Panther

You’ve experienced the hype, you’ve read the articles, you’ve heard the word of the mouth, but could you possibly be prepared to hear two middle-class white guys talk about BLACK PANTHER? I THINK NOT!! But please do, please dear God, listen to this podcast. We need this like T’Challa needs vibranium. You’ve seem the movie, right? That’s what this is about. The movie Black Panther. Don’t know if we covered that. Spoilers. Join the boys as they uncover their true feelings about the movie in real time. You might be surprised what you learn. Shrink ’em!


Supplemental Reading: Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

With last week’s Less Than Zero done, it’s finally time for the first episode of Zero Credit(s) of 2018. But first, here’s a Supplemental Reading on Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi from your favorite hosts Henry and John. The boys come at this movie from conflicting angles to determine what’s the deal with everyone’s reaction to the next installment in this timeless franchise. They cover it all from the meticulous crafting of the smallest of small details in the plot to the overarching statements this movie makes about intertextuality. That’s right, we’re getting back to our SupRed Roots and talking about this movie as more than just a film you watch to enjoy. This movie has a message and we’ll expose it even if we have to remain shirtless for the an entire scene. So grab your BB8 or YY-8 and strap in for a more enlightened and informed look at The Last Jedi that no one asked for.

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Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things 2

This is a formal warning that this episodes contains spoilers for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, specifically in relation to the second season of the aforementioned show in its entirety. It is recommended that if you, Party B, have not watched the entirety of the second season of the aforementioned show, hereby referred to as Strangy Tings, then you, Party B, should not download or listen to this episode of Zero Credit(s) Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things 2. With that covered, the description reads as follows:

John and Henry dive deep back into Hawkins to unlock the deepest mystery of all for the second season of Stranger Things. Namely, they wonder if the second season was “good” or “bad.” With a second season, there’s more room for bad decisions, poor characterization, and straight failure from those time-honored (this is their first show) Duffer Brothers. Will the season end up being a good? Or will it fall into the disgrace of being a bad? Listen and find out, Dear Listeners. Listen and find out.


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Supplemental Reading: Aunty Donna

The Boys discuss The Big Boys for this week’s Supplemental Reading of Australian absurdist comedy troupe Aunty Donna. That’s right, an entire episode dedicated to absurdist Australian comedy troupe men Aunt Donny. Henry and John get right down to brass tacks and get their listeners the answers they’ve been yearning for: whether you pronounce the second A in SamuAl, how many people are actually in Aunty Donna, and whether or not you should ever meet your heroes. The larder of secrets is burst open, and you are welcome to sup hungrily from its contents. Grow fat, listeners, and thanks for coming.

Supplemental Reading: Wonder Woman

Hey listeners. Henry and John managed to both see a movie within a week of it coming out. Isn’t that cool? We’ve got thoughts about this particular film. Directed by Patty Jenkins, starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, etc, this movie promises a superhero action from a different perspective and it delivers hard. Bullets bouncing off bracers and thoughts slinging out of mouths and into ears, it’s Zero Credits presents a Supplemental Reading of Wonder Woman.

Supplemental Reading: Logan

It’s been a while since the last Supplemental Reading. 20 years, in fact. We’ve grown old. Our healing factors don’t work quite as well and the claws still hurt every time they come out. Come listen to John and Henry discuss the movie that’s so good, it hurts to watch. Every second is filled with pain. The movie’s pretty pain filled too. Be warned as there’s no mercy for those who haven’t seen the movie. Spoilers are our trade here. We’re no good at what we do, and what we do is also no good. Buckle up, bubs, and find out where Logan rates on the exclusive Zero Credit(s) scale.

Supplemental Reading: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

John and Henry are back again and excited about a big budget Hollywood movie? Say it ain’t so! It is so. This is how it is. The boys dig deep on this one, folks: the directorial trajectory of David Yates, the father of modern anime wizard magic; the stellar performances supplied by Edwood Redward, Karen ???, Colin Farrell, and Jaaaacobbb? Kowalski; the troubled existence of Big Horny Rhino Monsters. A doozy for sure. Avada kadoozy. For real, though, John and Henry really have a surprising amount to say about this particular film and it gets a little heavy and a little dark, which is fitting for a movie that lives surprisingly in both heavy and dark. Tuck your magical pantaloons into your enchanted jodhpurs, it’s time to get fantastic! Beasts. And where. To find them.

Featuring music by MRMUnknown.

Supplemental Reading: Gravity Falls (ft. Michael)

Special guest Michael joins us for a rousing fanboy-fueled talk for paranormal cartoon thriller Gravity Falls in what might be our lightest Supplemental Reading yet. Come listen to us 75% gush, 25% critique this seemingly benign kid’s show that’s chalk full of continuity-themed goodies. If you haven’t finished watching the show, you shouldn’t listen to this episode, cause this is a land full of spoilers. We might revisit the series at a later date to really dive into the concepts and ideas of the show, but for now, just enjoy us enjoying this show. Because it is good and you should watch it if you haven’t already. UIFSF JT B EFNPO BNPOH VT BOE IJT OBNF JT NJDIBFM.

Gravity Falls Main Title Theme by Brad Breeck
-Lyrics by Henry

Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things

**This video contains spoilers for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things**

In the distant year of 1983, a podcast disappeared and a small town in Indiana? the continental Midwest worked tirelessly to investigate what exactly a podcast was and if they should care that it disappeared. That podcast was us, (you know, Zero Credit(s)) and we’ve just made it back from a dark, empty place where figures moved in the distance. We’re ready to tell all about our experiences there, where there was a television and an internet connection, allowing us to watch the Netflix series Stranger Things. We’ve promoted it on our Twitter and even emailed ourselves about it, so let’s buckle up, throw on a wig, and get down to business with some bear traps: This is Stranger Things. 

Link: Supplemental Reading: Stranger Things

Featuring music by A Drop A Day. Find his music here.

Supplemental Reading: Cappy Amiracle Civie War


This week, Zero Credits brings you something special in the way of a supplemental reading dedicated to Captain America Civil War, the movie that came out like a month ago. Enjoy our long talks and short walks through the harrowing adventure/espionage thriller that is this movie. We talk about all of your favorite heroes, including Cappy Amiracle, Black Window, A Guy With a Bow, Paul Rudd, and Bucky. You’ve heard the critics praise this movie to no end. Now listen to us do roughly the same thing for ~50 minutes.

Link: Supplemental Reading: Cappy Amiracle Civie War