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Episode 246: Written in Blood on the Stone

The Zero Credit(s) boys are back at it with following up on new developments to old stories previously covered on the podcast. Vulture published a new article covering Joss Whedon’s fall from grace, but in what light does it paint the once-famed showrunner? Also big moves in the world of video games as companies keep eating one another – who will win the console wars and why is it Taco Bell? These questions and more insanity as John is unleashed on this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 245: A No Bones Day for Lin-Manuel Miranda

Episode 245: A No Bones Day for Lin-Manuel Miranda

Henry’s brain is back this week to carry the bulk of this episode for better or worse. What he planned to talk about? The Dwayne Johnson vs Vin Diesel beef. What they end up talking about? A girl who sells farts in jars has a heart attack and has to retire. So it might be for the worse. Who knows? We cover it all here on Zero Credit(s), and we mean it all.

Banner Image for Episode 244: Symbiote Riddled Hog

Episode 244: Symbiote Riddled Hog

It’s the first episode of 2022 and Henry’s been shot…with the booster that is and boy is he feeling just all sorts of out it. Can John cobble together a coherent enough episode while Henry is flailing in the wings? Who knows? We’ve got an update in the Elizabeth Holmes story, some late breaking Venomverse news, and a little look back on a series of movies that has held up over time. All that and more coming your way soon, on Zero Credit(s).

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Episode 243: Best/Worst 2021

Today is the final day of the year and on this day, we reflect on the top ten categories of said year to determine the best and worst things in each category. Why do we do this? To give us insight on whether the year was a good or a bad to place it within the confines of our meager human existence. 2021 is ending now.

If you start listening to this episode at 9:20pm, you’ll be able to finish it with five seconds to spare before midnight.

Banner Image for Episode 242: Featuring the Best Rhyme of the Podcast

Episode 242: Featuring the Best Rhyme of the Podcast

Well, the nights are growing…somehow warmer, here in Texas, but longer all the same. The Honda Days are upon us and in that revelry, we have a very fun news of the weird local piece to regale you with, hopefully. We then pivot briefly into a feel good story of nature before devolving back into Spider-Man talk. Next episode will be Best/Worst 2021, so buckle up and get ready, cause it’s coming for you. Happy Honda Days everyone!

Banner Image for Episode 241: Happy Honda Days

Episode 241: Happy Honda Days

As we continue to trudge forward in the No Man’s Land between Thanksgiving and New Years, we come across a number of mass layoffs in different industries that just don’t sit right with us. Henry and John are incensed against this kind of thing, especially at this time of year, so let’s listen to them simmer and stir up their anger while trying to remain professional (doesn’t last long). We also have some brief video game industry updates as well as a really neat update to the upcoming Spiderverse movie, so buckle up and enjoy the Lexus December to Remember Sales Event right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 240: The No Man's Land Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Episode 240: The No Man’s Land Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

We’re in it folks – that time of the year when legally we should be able to just coast but the world keeps turning and asking things of us even though they won’t get done well into the new year. What do we do with wasteland energy? How do we weather this desolate landscape? We don’t have the answer, but we’ll sure talk about it at length with no real conclusions. The only good news in this maligned time is that Spider-Man isn’t going anywhere folks. We’ve got that and a little less, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 239: The Last Episode of Zero Credit(s) (in November)

Episode 239: The Last Episode of Zero Credit(s) (in November)

Well, this is it. The end of the podcast (in November). Yep, after all this time, we’re finally at the end of our recording sessions (that take place in the month of November). What a way to go out, too. We’ve got so much (not) hard hitting news stories to cover, like a funny misunderstanding on Fox News and the anniversary of the death of Quibi. Let us all take a moment to reflect on what we’re thankful for and say goodbye to Zero Credit(s), once and for all (we’ll be back in December).

Banner Image for Episode 238: Hi Sackboy, I'm Venom

Episode 238: Hi Sackboy, I’m Venom

As the nights grow long, the need for content grows stronger. To that end, we’re here for you with the latest in the ongoing feud between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. That’s right, every update, we are here for you to dive deep into every little detail and talk way too much about it. We also have some local Austin news that made waves on the internet in the way of a new academic institution. All of that, plus jokes about the Venomverse right here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 237 Involving America's Cat and Banned Books

Episode 237: Texas Wants to Ban 800 Books from Schools (and None of Them are Morbius)

The sleepover over, it’s time to get back to business and cover what’s going on in the world in all its bad glory. The once-thought-canceled Morbius movie has a trailer and release date now, all but solidifying the Venomverse as a thing that exists. Texas is stirring in the news as it tries to ban every progressive book dating back to the 1960s. Political dog whistle inside jokes are becoming mainstream for some reason. And there’s some exciting Garfield news. This is a jam packed episode, so I hope you’re hungry for content, this week on Zero Credit(s).