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Episode 230: I Might Have Eaten the D

We’re back on track with Henry at the wheel for this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s) and the first stop is Taco Bell. Henry’s never had Taco Bell before, and John’s very interested in talking about that. Is the Crunch Wrap Supreme too dry, or Henry just a failure at eating Taco Bell? The world may legitimately never know. Then it’s on to the big question of the week – Will Austin City Limits Music Festival actually happen? We’re one month out and the special event permit has yet to be issued by the city and with covid cases on the rise, it’s a pretty serious question. We explore all angles of the question this week on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 229: Nin-Taste-O Switch

Episode 229: Nin-Taste-O Switch

Henry’s having a tough week at work, so John’s in charge of the content for this episode. See if you can spot the difference! Several weeks ago, John made a promise. The context being he might be a super-taster, he promised to taste a Nintendo Switch cartridge. Well folks, he finally makes good on that promise. Will John taste anything at all, or will he taste literally the most disgusting thing he’s ever tasted and have it linger in his mouth the entire episode? There’s only one way to find out. Also I think we talked about other stuff, but honestly, I cannot remember.

Banner Image for Episode 228: Double Jeopardy aka Cave of Sexy Ladies

Episode 228: Double Jeopardy aka Cave of Sexy Ladies

Henry and John are back from the beach and boy are they tired. A beach, a pirate ship, and a cave of sexy ladies serving frozen drinks are just a few of the things they experienced, but now that they’re back, it’s time to tackle some real news. Jeopardy’s newest host and most recent executive producer has been fired, but what led us to this point? Henry’s got the full timeline of events to unpack and tear apart while John won’t shut up about the Twilight saga. It’s all here, and even more than you asked for, this week on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 227: Give me the Gooey Man

Episode 227: Give me the Gooey Man

When we recorded this episode, OnlyFans had just announced a ban on adult content on their platform. Since the recording of this episode, they have announced a reversal of that ban. So what we have here is an episode recorded in a timespan of banned content and the implications of what it means for those content creators. Try not to shout “NONE OF THIS IS TRUE” at us too much, as we realize the content is no longer valid already, but it’s too late to go back now. We also discuss some of the more insane things happening with COVID-19 and more importantly, what this could mean for the Venomverse’s fate at the hands of Sony executives. All of this and more, here on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 226: 7 Extra Minutes of Footage

Episode 226: 7 Extra Minutes of Footage

We thought we’d seen it all, but it turns out, there’s always more gas in the tank. That’s right, F9: The Fast Saga has more secrets to unveil in a planned director’s cut coming soon to DVD and Bluray. What does the existence of a director’s cut mean for the Fast and Furious coverage we’ve done so far? We don’t know. We really didn’t expect something like this to happen. We have this, plus Henry and John fight about moving to a different country to raise children for some reason, this week on Zero Credit(s)

Episode 225: The Broccoli and Cheese Variant

We’ve got some BREAKING NEWS this week, as we interrupt your normal episode description to let you know that this week’s episode BREAKS some news every segment. That’s right, we’re back in the Zero Credit(s) News Network Studios to bring you all the latest and BREAKING news from last Tuesday. A newcomer to the sonic movies is making waves. A mystery star and company will never speak to each other again. A politician has landed in some spicy water. And the most powerful musician of all time uses her powers…for good? All shall be revealed as we BREAK the news to you, this week on Zero Credit(s).


Banner Image for Episode 224: Activision-Blizzard Freezes Over Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Episode 224: Activision-Blizzard Freezes Over Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

We’re continuing our serious deep dive into current news events by pivoting to the underbelly of the gaming industry this week. Activision-Blizzard has been in the news a lot lately, but what’s really going on? In this episode, we take you through the major events day by day to hopefully show a complete picture of what’s going on with this lawsuit and the evil corporate actions therein. Also there’s some mouse talk. We have it all here on Zero Credit(s), this week on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 223: Get Vaccinated

Episode 223: Get Vaccinated

We don’t mince too many words this week – yes there’s some goofs and jokes and bits as always, but really, deep down I think what we’re trying to say is, if you can get vaccinated and wear a mask, then it’s time do so to protect those who can’t for whatever valid reason. We’ve got people to protect and stopping the spread is the only way to go about this. No one’s going to step in and save us this time (is our prediction), so it’s up to those of us who can do something. There is no politics. There is no personal opinions. The facts are – if you get vaccinated and wear a mask, things will probably be better than if you don’t do that. And for everyone who is vaccinated, start wearing a mask again. This isn’t an either or scenario. Let’s all do what we can or else this will become a neverending part of our lives.

Banner Image for Episode 222: Spaced Jam

Episode 222: Spaced Jam

Billionaires are going to space and Tunes are going into cyber…space? I guess? We deconstruct and drag everything happening with space lately in this episode to save everyone the trouble of doing it themselves. Ya’ll have bigger things to worry about than which dick in a dick shaped rocket doesn’t actually go to space or whatever.

Banner Image for Episode 221: [Something About the Emmys]

Episode 221: [Something About the Emmys]

Heading into this week’s episode, we had no content and things looked bleak when a shining statue descending from the heavens and nominated a bunch of actors, directors, writers, production people, etc., for awards. So I guess let’s talk about that forever. It’s the annual Emmy nominations episode right here, on Zero Credit(s).