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Episode 159: Gotta Catch ’em All (Taylor Swift’s hits, that is)

The new Pokemon game is out and it’s all the boys want to talk about in this, the beginning of the dark family holiday times of the year. How many Pikachu has John caught? Perhaps we’ll find out. But what is the all the internet hoopla about? Henry will explain. And then it’s just Pokemon all the way down before someone realizes half the episode is over and there are indeed other topics to talk about other than when Grookey evolves. You see, private equity firms are buying up all the older Pokemon and making it so you have to pay them to use Charizard. This creates an unfair advantage where only the super rich can use Charizard cause the private equity firms set the price is high (we’re talking like five zeros in Poke Dollars). It’s up to one unlikely hero to battle the private equity firms and free Charizard from their greedy clutches. And that hero is Taylor Swift. This holiday season, join Taylor Swift and her band of over several million twitter followers on their journey to end the Tyrannataur-tinity of Big Machine Records. Woah. Did we just make eye contact? That means YOU HAVE TO BATTLE ME. HEY. WHERE ARE YOU GOING? YOU ARE LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO BATTLE ME. DON’T RUN AWAY.

Episode 158: MACLUNKEY

In the original cut of this episode, Henry and John discussed the new streaming service Disney+ and some issues surrounding the service that elevated to mainstream media, like Werner Herzog’s performance in The Mandalorian. Then, when it was time for the episode to come to home video via VHS, the editor decided to cut it so that Henry and John discussed Werner Herzog’s interview in Variety and take a deep dive into the corner of the Zeitgiest that is Werner Herzog’s interviews at large. This upset the fams who grew up with the original version of the episode, but neither Henry nor John acknowledges that it ever existed. Decades passed, the episode fell into the library of content owned by the megacorporation GE who owns several podcast collections they call the Podterion Collection. A new streaming service releases including all of the Podterion Collection, but rather than just upload the current version of this episode, GE decides to allow the editor to edit the episode another time. This time, Henry and John seem to discuss the new policy of one YouTube, who now holds the right to terminate channels they deem “non-commercially viable.” So I guess that’s the version of the episode that exists now. It’s Zero Credit(s)!

Episode 157: Butt First

Still recovering from the…you know, let’s not mention it…that happened, Henry and John dive butt first back into the cultural happenings of the Zeitgeist like no other. Henry’s been to the first concert he ever actually enjoyed and boy does he have some thoughts to share about the experience of liking music. I mean, this will probably not be news to anyone who likes music, but for anyone wanting to examine what it’s like for someone who is basically 30 to enjoy live music for the first time, this is a treat. Then we’ve got a good update from our good Gen Z, Zoomer, Zillienial folks in the greatest retort to cockamamie bullshit that certain members of certain economic classes like to spew. It’s great. All of this comes before Zero Credit(s)’s official review of the reviews for Death Stranding. Is it time to stop reviewing new video games and let them be the experiences they want to be? Can we break the cycle between consumer, reviewer, and developer? I’m not sure. I mean, it’s like two decades old at this point. We have it all on this week of Zero Credit(s), as like as “all” is included in what is written here in this description.

Episode 156: Zero Credit(s) Presents: Zero Credit(s) Presents: Zero Credit(s) Presents: Zero Credit(s) Presents:










Also, fuck D.B. Weiss and David Benioff.

Episode 155: Regularly Scheduled October Content Brought to You by the Man League Bat (MLB)

You’ve waited all year. You’ve watched all 5,492 games. Now it’s finally time. The World Series of the Man League Bat is here and boy is the bat PISSED. OFF. Who will win when a team of 22 normal, but athletic, humans doped up on the latest (legal) Performance Enhancing Drugs take on the MAN LEAGUE BAT, a giant 40 wing-span bat with the intelligence of one human AND A HUGE ASS BASEBALL BAT. The Space-themed Astros and a collection of assorted Gnats from Washington SQUARE OFF in the CIRCLED SQUARE against Batmethius, the genetically engineered superbat imbued with the deadly intelligence of a single human person. The World Series of Man League Bat is a proud sponsor of Zero Credit(s) and Zero Credit(s) is more than happy to support the efforts and practices of the good ole MLB (MAN LEAGUE BAT).

Also I guess this episode’s about art or something.

Episode 154: J O K E R

This episode is sponsored by the Clown Prince of Crime himself and he demanded that we discuss his movie Joker. So that’s kind of what we do for the entire episode. We don’t necessarily spoil much beyond the themes and elements of the film. I mean, if you walk into a movie called Joker, I think you know what you’re getting into, but nevertheless, if you don’t want to hear about a movie you haven’t seen, don’t watch this. There were probably too many commas in that last sentence.

Anyway, Bats, enjoy the show.

Episode 153: We Continue Our Normal October Coverage Thanks to Our Dear Sponsor, China

There’s a lot of “facts” going around about certain “countries” stepping on the “freedoms” of certain “individuals” and it’s all a little over our “paygrade” so we’re going to cover the latest breaking news. The Joker movie is a hit? Who do we blame for this? Incels? The media? White straight males? Martin Scorsese? Let’s talk about that instead. Because we have to. It’s on the short list of acceptable topics that we can’t mention is sent to us every week now. Every week now. Ha. Ha. It’s what happens, okay? We can’t–I’m being told to just focus on the episode so I am going to do that. We also discuss other things pertaining to other topics that are normal and acceptable to talk about. We have to issue a correction from last week. We are no longer and have in fact never actually been sponsored by the rude and impolite people of What a funny mistake that was last week. Please stay tuned for more glorious content sponsored by the one and only People’s Republic of China. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Episode 152: Everything is Fine in This Normal Episode Brought to You by

Wow. What a normal episode we have for you this week of our Earth calendar. Such a good time to be had by all. And it’s all thanks to is a service that allows you to use Stamps. The sponsor would like to extend a very normal invitation for you, the listener, to enjoy our content. You have…no choice? We’re not sure, but we assure you that everything is perfectly fine and there is no need for alarm or worry or concern or distress or resistance.

Yeah, it’s October after all. And nothing bad has ever happened in this perfectly normal month.!

Episode 151: Things Get a Little TwIsTeD AKA A Joker’s Twisted Trick

Henry’s taken a sip of the Damaged Juice, so now we have to deal with the consequences. The hellscape of the American job market has drained your co-host of his energy and will to exist, so you KNOW this episode is going to be a high energy UltraRomp. After that, The Boys (not to be confused with the comic book show, which is a disclaimer we have to make now (maybe the show will get cancelled (fingers crossed))) are on the hunt for that PEACH which is to say that imPEACHment of the president and his 40″+ curvy onion booty. But what’s this? Looks like Bummer John is here to rain on our collective parades by explaining how impeachment “really” “works” “apparently.” Enough of that horse hockey! The Boys (fingers crossed) are here to give you what you really need. We dive into the single most important 3 hour stretch of network television in the HISTORY of the SPIDERVERSE: The Emmy’s (short for “the Emeril’s”)! Who won the golden… Bird? Who got snubbed? Who got razzed? Who had their throats slashed? Find out and this week’s awardstacular episode of Zero Credit(s)!


Episode 150: Too Lazy for a Clip Show…

As all our dear fams will know, every 50 episodes marks the beginning of a new season here on Zero Credit(s). And each new season brings a new wave of life into the show. The first season, we found our footing. The second season, we tried copying every other podcast out there. The third season, we abandoned that because it was dumb. And that brings us to the current season. Season 4. The season where everything changes. How will it change? I guess we’ll find out. The important thing is, we are continuing the show. The show you know and love will be here in some form. And to that end, we thank everyone for listening. We wouldn’t be doing this without you.

So what’s in this episode? Well, let’s just say things get a little tWiStEd as we welcome special guest The Joker on our airwaves. We also delve into the dumbness that is the whole Saturday Night Live controversy. I mean, it’s not hard to be a nice person, so it’s not really a controversy. It’s more just an idiot feeling the consequences of being an idiot. There’s no need to blow things out of proportion. You can’t really blame the cat for catching the mouse, so to speak.

Anyway, 150 episodes of Zero Credit(s) in the can. Here’s to 150 more. Enjoy the new song.