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The main episodes of the show.

Episode 192: Twitchin’ for Content

As we enter 2023 AC (After COVID), there is no entertainment left. Gone are the days of the unfinished but uplifting documentaries on Netflix. We are past the re-airing of old pilots by major cable networks. The days of the re-airing of shows canceled after one season is also past. Nothing is left. There is no hope. No distraction from the virus waging war on unsuspecting, bored individuals.

Suddenly a voice rings out in the darkness. “Hey guys, here I go streaming again.” It is Ninja, the most popular streamer. Behind him is an army of other just as well known streamers, all with their own content and style and branding. Ninja drops his arm, signaling the beginning of the assault and the rest of the streamers charge the field, armed with their channel’s emoticons and inside jokes. The ensuing battle for the cultural consciousness and entertainment of a nation devoid of both begins again, entering it’s 11th hour…

Also John’s really into QAnon now.

Episode 190: The Incredible Musical Stylings of McGruff the Crime Hound

Everyone remembers the anti-crime dog with the trench coat and the sordid, checkered past, but did you know he also has an album where he tells people not to do drugs?

Also, Kingdoms of Amalur lives on to see another day and John thinks about how virtual communities kind of just fade away without being observed.

Episode 188: We Can’t Stop Talking About Quibi

The more we learn about this absurd streaming service, the more it makes sense. There’s some sort of morbid, magnetic attraction to finding out just why the streaming service that caters to people watching on their cell phones failed. And for the most part it’s obvious. Cause it’s a streaming service that caters to people watching on their cell phones. But how did we get here? How did we get to the point where Quibi is a reality? That’s what we keep discovering and when we discover more of that, we also realize just why it failed. So we’re stuck in this loop of reading more about Quibi and realizing why it failed and then more people release information about Quibi and we realize even more why it failed.

When something fails this fast, this hard, it’s worth studying, since so much money and so many releases just become staples of our lives and this one just didn’t in the most spectacular, expensive way possible. Also, we’re really just fishing to become sponsored by Quibi.

Episode 187: Time for a Quiupdate (Quick Quibi Update)

In the continuing series of bad things happening, there comes a moment when they keep happening. The Zeitgeist is not a series of closed off events separated by time. It is a nebulous flow of never ending ghost energy that permeates everything we do, think, and say and to that end, we got a bunch of updates of things we’ve already talked about. JK Rowling’s back, as is Quibi, and the 512 Pecan Porter flows like water. Come take dip in our smooth pecan info blasts. This week on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 186: Attack and Dethrone All Abusers

It’s pretty simple. Anyone who abuses anyone else should be held to the highest scrutiny available to us, the general public. That tends to be the “court of public opinion” and the highest scrutiny lately tends to be cancellation. That may seem cruel, especially since facts can come out later to muddy the waters of what happened, but we’re not investigators and we’re not attorneys. Our duties don’t lie in protecting those presumed innocent until proven guilty; that’s the court system’s job. Our duties lie in supporting those without power to the extent that may see justice rendered onto someone with power. It’s an uphill battle and it takes a lot of bravery to stand in the face of societal norms and fight that power differential. I know some people like saying “but it’s really the court’s job to render who is guilty and what is right and true,” but the court system in America has served the rich, powerful, and able way too much in recent days (Brock Turner, for example) for that to be true any more. It may seem harsh to cancel people on the whims of what could be called “mob mentality,” but for some, this is the only chance they have at seeing justice. It’s not always possible to show the receipts and have evidence that proves one thing one way or another. Sometimes, all these victims have is their words. So it’s time to start listening.

Also Nightwing is like, a decent hero. I mean he’s okay. He’s fine. He’s not great.

Episode 185: The ZC Patron Saint of Twitter Fights

It’s an all out Twitter Smackdown tonight on Zero Credit(s), and the patron saint himself is stepping into the ring to reign down some well deserved justice. Ron Perlman is just a master at the sport, and it’s an honor and a privilege to watch him work. Then we jump down the conspiracy hole for way, way too long and realize the truth about the culture wars being waged in this country. Did Zack Synder create COVID-19 to be able to recut his movie? Not entirely sure. Who knows. All I know is BEASTWARS KICKED ASS.

Episode 184: The Dragons of Hatsune Miku

The legends speak of the impossible – dragons have returned to the world and Hatsune Miku, the mother of dragons, is their master. Luckily, she’s across the world and can’t threaten us here, but it will only be a matter of time until she crosses the sea and tries to claim what she believes is rightfully hers. Luckily, John has a new fitness beer to give him the buff buzz he needs in order to withstand the fiery breath of the wraith of Quibi – and he’s dead. It’s up to Henry now to try and stand up to the likes of JK Rowling’s weird stance against transpeople – and he’s dead too. Wow, dragons are like…tough. I guess no one can stop Hatsune Miku. It’s all here, this week on Zero Credit(s)!

Episode 183: Black Lives Matter

No jokes, no bits, no funny business. This episode is a collection of information to support Black Lives Matter and be on the right side of history. After much debate, Henry and John thought this was the best way to utilize the platform and help through their voices behind the cause. Please listen for how you can help.