Episode 197: Boperade AKA John Loves When the Titanic Sinks

Management here. Henry’s going through some things, such as screaming alone in a room. Because of this, he did not do the following: tell the intern to right a description of the episode, come into the office all week, shower, create an episode title. As such we, Management, have taken over these duties. Please enjoy our perfect attempt at nailing the Zero Credit(s) brand:

John hates the Titanic.



Boat Parade
Nick Lutsko


Episode 196: The Radicalization of Jim Gaffigan

America’s Catholic Father (not that kind) has entered the chat on twitter and the boy(s) are abuzz with excitement. Also, is there a new cinematic universe on the horizon? What this means and more on this episode of Zero Credit(s).


How do you like these shorter descriptions? Are they good? You like them?

Episode 195: DC Flightdome Batsimulator 2020: The Synder Cut

The first annual (?) DC Fandome event happened last weekend, and boy were a lot of heroes happy to hear the news, including two young, intrepid, but mild-mannered podcast hosts with no special qualities whatsoever. That’s right, our heroes, the Zero Credit(s) boys are here on the scene to give you all the high-flying, fast-shooting action of DC Fandome, at least for everything that was not just a trailer for a movie, because Henry does not watch trailers and John did not watch the event.

Comics, planes, Zack Synders, we have it all on this episode of Zero Credit(s).

Episode 194: The Official Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Episode

Good morning everyone, this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard the official Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 episode of Zero Credit(s) airlines. We have a smooth flight for you today. Skies are looking clear and the wind is moderate to liberal, fiscally. We might hit a patch of social ideals at some point during the flight, but don’t worry, that’s just some turbulence.

Please adhere to the fasten seat belt signs and let’s take off.

Episode 193: COVIDisney+

It’s not as though we set out each episode to talk about our current thoughts of the ongoing health crisis here in America, but it’s like, how can you not talk about it right now? Apologies to our fams in other countries who have dealt with it in a reasonable and professional manner, but the US is just shitting the bed with COVID on a daily basis, and that can be a tough thing to deal with day after day.

On a lighter note, there’s no way in hell you’re going to catch me dead paying $30.00 for the opportunity to see Mulan on Disney+. I can’t even think of a movie where that would be acceptable to me. I won’t even pay the $20.00 to see Troll World Tour, 2020’s only other movie. So, we share our thoughts on that, too. This week, on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 192: Twitchin’ for Content

As we enter 2023 AC (After COVID), there is no entertainment left. Gone are the days of the unfinished but uplifting documentaries on Netflix. We are past the re-airing of old pilots by major cable networks. The days of the re-airing of shows canceled after one season is also past. Nothing is left. There is no hope. No distraction from the virus waging war on unsuspecting, bored individuals.

Suddenly a voice rings out in the darkness. “Hey guys, here I go streaming again.” It is Ninja, the most popular streamer. Behind him is an army of other just as well known streamers, all with their own content and style and branding. Ninja drops his arm, signaling the beginning of the assault and the rest of the streamers charge the field, armed with their channel’s emoticons and inside jokes. The ensuing battle for the cultural consciousness and entertainment of a nation devoid of both begins again, entering it’s 11th hour…

Also John’s really into QAnon now.

Episode 190: The Incredible Musical Stylings of McGruff the Crime Hound

Everyone remembers the anti-crime dog with the trench coat and the sordid, checkered past, but did you know he also has an album where he tells people not to do drugs?

Also, Kingdoms of Amalur lives on to see another day and John thinks about how virtual communities kind of just fade away without being observed.

Episode 188: We Can’t Stop Talking About Quibi

The more we learn about this absurd streaming service, the more it makes sense. There’s some sort of morbid, magnetic attraction to finding out just why the streaming service that caters to people watching on their cell phones failed. And for the most part it’s obvious. Cause it’s a streaming service that caters to people watching on their cell phones. But how did we get here? How did we get to the point where Quibi is a reality? That’s what we keep discovering and when we discover more of that, we also realize just why it failed. So we’re stuck in this loop of reading more about Quibi and realizing why it failed and then more people release information about Quibi and we realize even more why it failed.

When something fails this fast, this hard, it’s worth studying, since so much money and so many releases just become staples of our lives and this one just didn’t in the most spectacular, expensive way possible. Also, we’re really just fishing to become sponsored by Quibi.