Texas Froze Over

Episode 211: Texas Froze Over

An artic blast the likes Texas has not seen for at least a decade or more hit last week and Henry and John are here to tell you all about being impacted by winter weather and incompetent leadership. They also sneak in just the tiniest bit of Snyder Cut coverage as we grow ever closer to the premier of the cinematic event of the century.

Fast and Furious Spyracers Super Cut

Supplemental Reading: Fast and Furious: Spyracers Super Cut

From January 24, 2020 to March 20, 2020, Zero Credit(s) dedicated one segment per episode to the Netflix Original Series Fast and Furious: Spyracers. With the advent of a season two and three (?!) of the aforementioned show, Henry and John made the executive decision to never cover a show in this manner again, choosing instead to do one dedicated episode per season from here on out. That being said, it only made sense to collect all of the coverage of the first season in one episode. This decision was made before realizing that this would make said episode over three hours long… So buckle up and prepare to get Frosty, folks, this is a three hour super cut of Spyracers content that no one asked for, but is certainly a thing that exists now. Right here, on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 210: The Big Game Fifty-Five

That’s right. Another year, another attempt to use the Big Game as a litmus test of cultural happenings. Does it ever really work? Eh, who is to say? All we know is the game was kind of boring and the commercials were also kind of boring. And in the middle of a pandemic, is it worth gathering 25,000 fans and who knows how many personnel into one close-quarters area for the sake of a kind of boring game? Probably not. Probably wasn’t worth it all, if we’re being honest. Like, we would get more value out of something else that cost this amount of money, to be sure. But all we have is beer and football to show for our efforts. Plus we break down most of the commercials! It’s all here on Zero Credit(s).

Sometimes it's best to not mess with a hurricane...

Supplemental Reading: The Hurricane Heist

In 2018, Fast and Furious Rob Cohen directed a film called The Hurricane Heist. Set erroneously in Gulfport, Alabama, the 1 hour and 42 minute action-packed romp through weather and betrayal oozes out of the screen and into your eyes with an overall feeling of “well, this might as well happen.” Henry and John stumbled across this title quite by accident and decided to watch it based solely on the font choice for the title and the lie that it takes place in Mississippi. Thanks Netflix description writer. If you’ve watched this movie and want to hear us voice our opinions on this film, please listen by all means. For everyone else who hasn’t seen the film yet, maybe go watch it, maybe do something better with the next hour or so of your life. This is an unprecedented Supplemental Reading in more ways than one and if that’s enough to get you to listen, then great. We’ve got it all here on Zero Credit(s), and that includes admitting that sometimes, we made a mistake. Sorry.

Episode 209: Stock Wars

It’s finally happened. The Stock Market has become interesting enough for us to pay attention and even learn a little about what the stocks are doing. A ragtag team of retail investors takes on a group of investment capitalists and hedge fund managers in a tale of suspense, market manipulation, and a whole lot of deep value. Who will come out victorious and cash out with the biggest amount of life changing money ever fought over? Henry and John both have a stake in what’s happening with their combined 1.0018013 shares of GME between them, so I guess you could say this time, it’s personal. We’ve got everything you can fit into a brief overview that somehow takes the entire length of the podcast to get through, right here on Zero Credit(s).


Episode 208: The Most Revelations in the Podcast’s History

We don’t reveal a lot of things on this show, but one thing becomes very clear in this week’s episode. Henry doesn’t know a thing. It’s true. He’s been talking all this time, all these years, and he doesn’t know a thing. Come find out what Henry doesn’t know, although the tags will probably spoil a little of it. Also we discuss the current political landscape, so that’s fun as well!

Episode 207: “New in 2001” aka Henry Gets SHOT

Sometimes in life, things don’t go your way. It’s frustrating, but that’s just how it shakes out. You do everything you can to make your vision come true by posting hateful things to twitter and arguing with your family on facebook, but these things can’t and won’t change the outcome of the presidential election. What are you to do? You have no options other than to calmly move on with your life, go to to work like you do every day, and come home to your family and watch your favorite Quibi shows on Roku with ads. Or maybe you’re into gaming and you boot up the Bethesda/Machine Games new Indiana Jones video game. But whatever you do, don’t storm the capitol with the intention of hurting anyone or overthrowing the government. Don’t do that. It won’t solve anything and the FBI will track you down and arrest you. People will laugh at you. So just sit down and let’s watch some Golden Arm on Roku with ads, shall we?

Episode 206: A New Year’s Bean Dad

We recorded this episode on Tuesday evening, before the events that took place in the Capital happened on Wednesday. In light of said events, we’ll keep this brief, but it’s a new year and another chance to discuss self-improvement. What promises will we make ourselves only to fall short of our own expectations mere days later? Also, what’s a bean dad? We have everything, minus anything relevant to the Georgia election, the Capital Riot, and the general state of the nation right now, right here on Zero Credit(s).

Episode 205: Best/Worst 2020

It’s here, the last episode of 2020 and it’s time to render judgement unto the year and punish it for all its various crimes. Movies, television, and video games are the opening salvo before we dive into the wide world of listener suggestions. Will 2020 stand the test of time, or will it fall by the wayside and be forgotten forever? We hope it’s the latter, but the data’s what decides! Happy holidays and see you all next year in the grand future of 2021, where everything will be better???

Episode 204: Disney Marvels at All This Zack Snyder News

Look, it can no longer be denied. Zack Snyder is going to save cinema with his cut of Justice League. We all thought it was going to be Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, but that film was a false prophet that dragged cinema down into the dirt. Only Zack Snyder can pull off the movie event of the decade, neigh, the century to singlehandedly save the movie going experience. But no story is complete without a villain, an antagonist to stand in the way of our intrepid hero. Enter Disney, a media conglomerate that owns more properties than a Monopoly board. Disney is raising an army of quality content slated to come out in the next year to three years. Can the Snyder Cut stand up in the face of so much evil? Only time will tell, dear friends. Only time will tell.