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Banner Image for Episode 290: Valentimes Day

Episode 290: Valentimes Day

John is away, so the Henry will play. We’ve got friend of the show and erstwhile guest host Jamie on the show this week and she’s got a lot to talk about. Pet names, mystery chocolates, financial budgeting apps. We’ve got it all plus the outrage of a certain Big Game campaign, this week on Zero Credit(s).

Banner Image for Episode 250 of Zero Credit(s)

Episode 250: An ARG Arc Arch

Six years in the making, 249 episodes in the mainline series, it is time for Zero Credit(s) to enter its next phase. Episode 250 is a return to form and an unleashing of raw, pent up frustration of the state of the world through the lens of critiquing commercials. That time honored Zero Credit(s) pass time of reviewing Big Game commercials is here, along with some general talk of the future. Henry and John are in rare form, and there’s not been a stronger episode in years. It’s here for you, dear Fams. We hope you enjoy the end of season five.


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