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Episode 136: John Wick 5: Gladiator 2: Untitled A Dog’s Purpose Project: Ragnarok

In 20FIGHTEEN, every major story that has lived in our cultural consciousness is coming to an end, and this week is no different. That’s right: the Zero Credit(s) Name That Spider, You Cowards contest has reached its conclusion, and you won’t believe who dies. In much less important/relevant news, The Boys take off the kid gloves and wade knee-deep into the final installment of the newly-named Vague of Thrones. Have you ever wondered what it would take to join the cinematic powerhouses of John Wick and Romulus Maximus Decimus Maximus Decimal Remus Maximus AKA Russell Crowe’s Gladiator? Well WONDER NO MORE. The Boys have cooked up a spicy pot of Speculation Gumbo and I gua-ran-tee it’ll stick to your ribs. We also maybe spoil 3-4 movies in which dogs die, but that’s more of a public service. Stay safe, listening dogs! It’s Zero Credit(s)!


Episode 135: Game of Groans

It’s a weird week. There’s a lot of weird feelings going around. This episode is weird. There’s a lot happening in the world that makes us feel helpless and hopeless and in these dark, dark times we turn to the crisp, refreshing taste of Coke Zero Sugar™. And maybe it’s the caffeine, but the ZC boys are punchy and fast-talkin’. They blaze through all their prepared content in mere minutes and then flounder for the rest of the episode. Also they sing more than once. So. Be warned. This one is for you, unnamed podcast spider. #NameThatSpider. IT’S ZERO CREDIT(S)!

Episode 134: Barely Medieval

The rains in Austin continue unabated, so you know what that means: another drizzly, weird episode. Fams of the show will recall that rainy weather, for one reason or another, always results in The Boys getting a little loopy, and this week is no different. John’s drinking again, so that in itself bodes poorly for your listening experience. As an amuse bouche, Henry and John give their EXCORIATING semi-spoiler-free review of the last two week’s episodes of the Bad Dragon Show, along with some Hotted Takes about spoiler culture (for short, spoitlure). You know, the books had so many more elements that the show just can’t portray. Circuitous backroom dealings, backstabbing, horrible exploitation of inherent power dynamics, characters of questionable age. Thankfully, all of those elements can be found in Borderlands 3’s most recent news (ALLEGEDLY), which The Boys spend the remainder of the episode discussing. Buckle up your pilgrim helmet, it’s Zero Credit(s)!



It’s a root(beer)in’ toot(beer)in’ good time in the Podcrypt this week. In the most non-alcoholic episode in months (years?), John finally tips his hand and reveals that he knows entirely too much about the crowded Democratic presidential candidate field, horrifying Henry and any potential listeners. Henry and John flex their no-credentials muscles by discussing TAX LAW because this show was too listenable apparently. But just you wait little piggies, because it’s all worth it for the end. A journey a decade in the making is coming to an end, and The Boys are going to use their combined years of high level narrative meta-analysis to totally unravel the PATHETICALLY THIN plot of Marble’s Envengers: Andgame. Strap on your Infinity Things, idiots, because this week we’re going to the Universe of Bugs ON ZERO CREDIT(S)!


Episode 99: Resting on Our Yannys (Women’s Edit)

Henry and John are stoked for this, the penultimate episode of Zero Credit(s), if you follow John’s definition of penultimate (almost 100). The internet’s been abuzz with yet another This or That scandal/debate and we want to know what you hear? Are you a superintelligent person of supreme taste who hears Laurel? Or do you hear something else and what does that say about you, monster? John then has some hot leaks (gross) for the final season of HBO’s hit show, The Game of Thrones supplied by Robotnik, the same company that has made Henry laugh until he’s not actually making sound any more. We then pivot to the controversial topic that is making parodies or imitations of art for the sake of supporting a message, a very heated discussion centered around This is America (Women’s Edit) by Nicole Arbour. Lastly, Henry made a be–oh, what’s up? I’m not…needed any more? You’re firing me. Wow. Management changes hands and all of sudden you don’t need a description writer? Well you know what, good. I heard the last guy mysteriously vanished anyway and I don’t need that kind of pressure on my hands. Good luck, Exposition Robot. And godspeed, humanity.