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Episode 142: Megan Rapinoe/Where Are You/We’ve Got Some Work To Do Now

Kick! Pass! Slide! Goal! Ball! The Women’s World Cup is hotting up, and The Footy Boys are here to bring you all the latest news about the US Women’s National Soccer National Football Team Women’s. Will the Lionesses dent their ego, as some crusty goblins have suggested? They will not. Sorry. Since this episode could have easily devolved into another much-maligned Sports Corner, the Footish Men transition to conversations about the concept of “coming out” and question our nation’s preoccupation with otherizing queerness. Also they talk about Gremlins 2. This is the New America, and this is Zero Credit(s)!

Episode 131: I’m All Out of Urine

Well howdy, stranger. It’s been quite some time since someone visited our lil podcast ranch. Well grab a cup of rye and rest your bones. It’s a hard life out on the trail, no one knows that better than I do. Let me and my horse-rearin’, couch-sittin’ padres spin you a yarn, take your mind off the gila monsters and self-employment. You ever heard of a cowpoke by the name of Lil Nas X? His story is a winding one, full of rustling gatekeepers and intersectionality and TikTok videos. We’ve also picked up a couple tales of this fella named “the Joker,” who everybody seems to care about but for the wrong reasons. Horse tack. Cowboy boots. Et cetera. Giddyapp, Zero Credit(s) doggies.