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Episode 81: A Most Quarrelsome Quadrant

You’ve been waiting for it, listeners. And it’s here. It’s finally, finally here. Henry and John are in the same geographic location and it is GETTING HOG CRAZY IN HERE. A manic spirit has inhabited the body of John, and that spirit (you guessed it) is the Spirit of Adventure. Now, free from the bindings of anonymity, Henry and John openly discuss their city of residence. Does that mean you can mail them pictures you took of their house? Yeah! It’s an Austin-centric episode, where the boys discuss almost nothing but the fastest (?) growing city (?) in America (?). The boys cover it all: traffic. So join us on this week’s episode of Zero Credit(s) and Keep It Sebulba.


Episode 80: The Patron Saint of Coolsgiving

It’s Coolsgiving again, Dear Listeners, and that means it’s time to settle once and for all who it is we pledge our Cool Thanks to on this gracious occasion. Henry and John Dive into the debate of a Thankful-themed holiday lifetime to hash out who is deserving of our Cool Thanks. With so much horribleness in the world in terms of people who deserve our praise and worship, the boys thought it would be good to carve out a least one celebrity person who we should honor for being alright people. This takes up like 75% of the episode. The remainder is dedicated to those time-honored Cool Thanks from the ZC Crew. What are you Cool Thankful for?

Episode 79: Looking for Whales

Henry and John are back! After a week’s hiatus, the boys return with unmistakable vim and vigor and maybe vinegar. In an effort to inject some much-needed cash into the podcast, Henry and John go all-in on a new tiered microtransaction scheme only for it to all go to pot when they realize it’s a thinly veiled scam. Rats! The intent was to provide podcast listeners with a sense of pride and accomplishment for spending hundreds of dollars on the podcast. Our team will continue to monitor community feedback and provide additional avenues to gaslight the listeners into spending similar or greater amounts of money. Also, there sure are a bunch of awful monster people being revealed to be awful monster people, huh? Henry and John try their best to make sense of the pervading mood re: awful monster people and try, in their own way, to offer support to those sharing their stories. It’s a real rollercoaster this week, folks, so make sure the bar clicks. Or you could die. Zero Credit(s)!

Episode 78: Seizing the Means of Consumption

After a long, fright-filled month of spooky terrors, the ZC Boys are back with some regular ole, but still Good, Content. Trevor may have mysteriously vanished but the podcast rolls on, as Henry and John discuss what they’re doing in the podcast and why they’re doing it while they’re doing it in a State of the Podcast segment that answers all your deep, burning questions. John then starts mocking Henry’s thirst for understanding meme culture and that quickly transitions into a discussion questioning the existence of rich millennials. Then John gets like really, really mad. Like really mad. I mean, it was a little scary. Not Frightentimes levels, but man. Don’t get John mad and don’t make claims for the sake of starting a conversation when there’s clearly evidence out there about the very “conversation” you want to start. Anyway, that does it for me, Clara, the new official ZC Intern.

Supplemental Reading: Gravity Falls (ft. Michael)

Special guest Michael joins us for a rousing fanboy-fueled talk for paranormal cartoon thriller Gravity Falls in what might be our lightest Supplemental Reading yet. Come listen to us 75% gush, 25% critique this seemingly benign kid’s show that’s chalk full of continuity-themed goodies. If you haven’t finished watching the show, you shouldn’t listen to this episode, cause this is a land full of spoilers. We might revisit the series at a later date to really dive into the concepts and ideas of the show, but for now, just enjoy us enjoying this show. Because it is good and you should watch it if you haven’t already. UIFSF JT B EFNPO BNPOH VT BOE IJT OBNF JT NJDIBFM.

Gravity Falls Main Title Theme by Brad Breeck
-Lyrics by Henry

Episode 35: Zero Accountability aka “ZC Goes Offline”

Listener, the ZC boys have been on a journey. After being ousted from the safe-haven of Google Drive, Zero Credit(s) was forced to exist offline for quite some time, and boy did they take advantage of the situation. With the freedom that comes with no consequences, we tear into other podcasts who fall short of their promised goals. But let’s not talk about that (#ZeroCreditsMarcMaronBeef, #ZeroCreditsHowDidThisGetMadeBeef). Instead, let’s talk about why people love Halloween so much. I mean, people turning into Jackerlanterns? That’s strange. But is it as strange as John’s new segment where he quizzes Henry’s academic skills? We’re not sure. All we know is, if you have famous friends, you’re obligated to put them in all of your projects. Follow us on Facebook; follow us to Blubrry; follow us as we dive into the murky waters of Pirate Podcast Radio!

Featured Music:
Drop A Day’s “Pug Attack”
And some CCTV footage of a Czech police siren